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13 Dis 2010

Award Radio Amatur ke-2

Alhamdulillah, mimpi jadi kenyataan... dulu ingatkan macam mustahil tapi tak rupanya. Memang cun award ni hehe. Caranya hanya perlu bekerja dengan 10 stesen 9M2, 1 stesen 9M8 dan 1 stesen 9M6. Kemudian hantar log anda siap dengan tajuk ' Permohonanan WAMA Award' kemudian log anda perlu disahkan oleh 2 orang ahli MARTS (kalau dapat yang 9M lagi baik hehe). Jangan lupa letakkan maklumat peribadi anda terutama nama, alamat dan callsign dan hantar permohonan ke MARTS atau terus ke Pak Eshee 9M2FK (direct) selaku MARTS Award Manager. Dengar-dengar kos award bagi ahli MARTS adalah percuma. Apepun tu kena tanya sendiri pihak sana hehe. Untuk dapatkan maklumat Pak Eshee boleh la tanya otai-otai 9M2 yang lama atau lihat Terima kasih buat Rizal 9M2RDX sebab bantu saya tentang cara-cara apply WAMA award. 73 Assalamualikum dan ciao2.

Gambar scroll yang dipos mengandungi sijil award. Memang kelas :)

19 Nov 2010

Welcome Solar Cycle 24

Solar Cycle

The solar cycle, or the solar magnetic activity cycle, is the main source of the ~10.7 year periodic solar variation (changing the level of irradiation experienced on Earth) which drives variations in space weather and to some degree weather on the ground and possibly climate change. The cycle is observed by counting the frequency and placement of sunspots visible on the Sun. The basic causes of the solar variability and solar cycles are still under debate, with some researchers suggesting a link with the tidal forces due to the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, or due to the solar inertial motion. Another cause of sun spots can be solar jet stream "torsional oscillation".

Effects of the solar cycle

The Sun's magnetic field structures its atmosphere and outer layers all the way through the corona and into the solar wind. Its spatiotemporal variations lead to a host of phenomena collectively known as solar activity. All of solar activity is strongly modulated by the solar magnetic cycle, since the latter serves as the energy source and dynamical engine for the former. Emission from the Sun at centimetric (radio) wavelength is due primarily to coronal plasma trapped in the magnetic fields overlying active regions. The F10.7 index is a measure of the solar radio flux per unit frequency at a wavelength of 10.7 cm, near the peak of the observed solar radio emission. It represents a measure of diffuse, nonradiative heating of the coronal plasma trapped by magnetic fields over active regions, and is an excellent indicator of overall solar activity levels. The solar F10.7 cm record extends back to 1947, and is the longest direct record of solar activity available, other than sunspot-related quantities.

Rendition of Earth's magnetosphere
Source :

Sunspot activity has a major effect on long distance radio communications particularly on the shortwave bands although medium wave and low VHF frequencies are also affected. High levels of sunspot activity lead to improved signal propagation on higher frequency bands, although they also increase the levels of solar noise and ionospheric disturbances. These effects are caused by impact of the increased level of solar radiation on the ionosphere. It has been proposed that 10.7 cm solar flux can interfere with point-to-point terrestrial communications.

The following is a list of solar cycles (sometimes called sunspot cycles), tracked since 1755

The impact of solar cycle on living organisms has been investigated. Some researchers claim to have found connections with human health. The amount of UVB light at 300 nm reaching the Earth varies by as much as 400% over the solar cycle due to variations in the protective ozone layer. In the stratosphere, ozone is continuously regenerated by the splitting of O2 molecules by ultraviolet light. During a solar minimum, the decrease in ultraviolet light received from the Sun leads to a decrease in the concentration of ozone, allowing increased UVB to penetrate to the Earth's surface. The sunspot cycle has been implicated in having effects on climate, and may play a part in determining global temperature.

Skywave modes of radio communication operate by bending (refracting) radio waves (electromagnetic radiation) off of the Ionosphere. During the "peaks" of the solar cycle, the ionosphere becomes ionized by solar photons and cosmic rays. This affects the path (propagation) of the radio wave in complex ways which can both facilitate or hinder local and long distance communications. Forecasting of skywave modes is of considerable interest to commercial marine and aircraft communications, amateur radio operators, and shortwave broadcasters. These users utilize frequencies within the High Frequency or 'HF' radio spectrum which are most affected by these solar and ionospheric variances. Changes in solar output affect the maximum usable frequency, a limit on the highest frequency usable for communications.

References : Wikipedia & Youtube

12 Nov 2010

9w2esm - FAQ about QSL card

What is QSL card?
QSL is one of the Q codes used in radio communication and radio broadcasting. In this case, QSL means either "do you confirm receipt of my transmission?" or "I confirm receipt of your transmission". A QSL card is a written confirmation.

What is green stamp or GS?
Green stamps were actually U.S. Dollar money to help avenger QSL card in terms of shipping and so forth. 2 GS means 2 USD required.

What is SASE or SAE?
SASE or SAE is a Self Address Envelope stamped (without stamp), usually used with GS and QSL cards.

How to know the recipient address?
In this era of IT technology, almost most ham using internet facilities to see the address of the station that they call. One of the most popular web sites is There is also a ham that put their address on their web site and there is also informed directly when on the air. In addition, the services of buro or bureau can also be used.

What is QSL buro or bureau?
Sending QSL cards directly to a distant station is most often fastest, the confirmation of large numbers of international contacts may prove expensive. An alternative offered by many national and regional amateur radio societies is a bureau system. QSL's from individual stations are sent to an outgoing bureau locally; that bureau bundles all outgoing cards for each country and sends each bundle as a single package - reducing international postage costs. At destination, a national or regional incoming bureau holds received cards so that they may be claimed by the operator of the intended station.

What is QSL manager?
QSL manager is the person who manages the receiving and delivery services for the QSL cards for hams that require its services to all log entry, whether new or old. QSL manager is usually used for the DXpedition activity.

What is IRC?
An international reply coupon (IRC) is a coupon that can be exchanged for one or more postage stamps representing the minimum postage for an unregistered priority airmail letter of up to twenty grams sent to another Universal Postal Union (UPU) member country. IRCs are accepted by all UPU member countries.

What is QSL card format?
QSL card contains details about one or more contacts, the station and its operator. At a minimum, this includes the call sign of both stations participating in the contact, the time and date when it occurred (usually in UTC), the radio frequency or Band used, the mode of transmission used, and a signal report. The ARRL recommends a size of 3½ by 5½ inches (89 mm by 140 mm). QSL cards frequently includes an expression of individual creativity from a photo of the operator at his station to original artwork, images of the operator's home town or surrounding countryside, etc.

What is eQSL?
eQSL, or electronic QSL, is an online system where amateurs can leave confirmation of their contacts for other participants without the necessity of mailing a hard copy, thus saving the expense associated with mailing, especially overseas. Be advised that eQSL can generally not be used for awards, and many hams to not accept or wish to participate in this system. Example the site is eQSL does in fact have a verification process called Authenticated Guaranteed (AG) and has its own eAwards program. Electronic QSL card also can be done by exchange the QSL card through the email and etc.

What is LOTW?
LOTW, or Logbook of the World, is a system operated by the ARRL where users from around the world can submit records of their contacts. When both participants in a QSO submit matching QSO records to LoTW, the result is a QSL that can be used for ARRL award credit. This is because LOTW is tightly controlled to verify submissions. All QSO records are digitally signed using a certificate obtained from ARRL. Obtaining such a certificate requires verification of the licensee's identity either through mail verification (US) or inspection by ARRL of required documentation (non-US).

What Can I Do With All These QSLs?
Now that you have a collection of QSLs, there are many things that you can do. It is human nature to catalog anything of quantity into a database. It is also human nature to compete. Welcome to the world of awards! There are many awards. One of the most popular is the ARRL's DX Century Club, also known as DXCC (collect QSLs from 100 different countries).

*All FAQs is my point of view - please refer to your elmers or your own amateur radio society club

27 Okt 2010

My 1st Award - IARU Region 3 Operating Award (Silver)

IARU Region 3 Operating Award

1. The award is available to licensed amateurs and SWLs.

2. QSL cards NOT required. Send certified list of eligible contacts from Log Book. Include Country in log.

3. Cost is US $4.00.

4. Eligible countries are those in ITU Region 3 whose amateur societies are members of IARU Region 3. These are:Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, China (PRC), Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Fiji, French Polynesia (FO8 only), Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Pitcain Islands, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tonga, Vanuatu, Vietnam.

5. Requirements for Award as from January 1, 1986: Basic, 7 areas; Silver Endorsement, 15 areas; Gold Endorsement, 20 areas. These to be reviewed as considered necessary by the custodian who would recommend appropriately to the Secretariat.

6. Application to NZART Awards Manager.

Information :

24 Okt 2010

23 Oct. 2010 (0:00 - 1:00 UTC) NA Open to Malaysia

What can i say, my hand is shaking when my call at 28.420 MHz SSB was responded by Lee, W6BH - my 1st station from Continent of North America and 1st station from (LA) USA. What's surprise that his signal booming 59 +20 dB with his 3 stack 7 element yagi antenna. I'm worked with him at 2354 UTC just 6 minute before 23rd Oct. The prediction on the cluster today not much help. My target WAC Award on 10m mission already accomplish now.

After that, I'm manage to work with 19 stations from USA, 1 station from Mexico, 1 station from Japan, 1 station from Hawaii and 1 station from Brazil. Below are the list of station that i worked, thanks again for those station and 73 regards from Malaysia.






5 Okt 2010

K1OIK Tell About Ham Radio

One of this video i found from 9w2pju blog, nice video from youtube and describe the fact about ham radio itself. The are a lot of argument and debate happen since its was published in 2008. This is my first article regarding to behavior of amateur radio. Since i get my license on 2008, i experiences a lot of thing, the only reason i get my license in my early day to learn technical + scientific experimental and in a short journey of this great hobby i am also has seen some bad experiences, sometimes people fighting each other, cheating, neglect of family and religion because of a hobby, take advantage of the friend trust's, too many eyeball with nothing discussion and many thing. Recently, our local ham group has been approached by individuals who claim he is a doctor (also owned 2m transceiver) and keen to work together with our group and many things happen and unfortunately his secret is uncovered and he was not really a doctor. Then many questions arise and what turns out in this hobby sometimes we need to be careful in believing someone. There are also many good thing about ham radio if we look-up in positive manner. Anyway you can find all kind this video at youtube by search word burt2481.

16 Jul 2010

dB / dBm Terminology

The dB terminology is used for ratio between two power levels in communication equipment for example to compare power coming out of a component to that going into it. The dB number system can also be used to express absolute value of power as dBm. Power measured in dBm is just the power value that is being measured referenced to 1 mW (respect to mili). That's what the m stands for. To see how dB / dBm is used look at Figure above.

The transmitter power of 10 000 mW is 40 dBm; the loss of 0.4 in cable is -4 dB; the gain of the transmitting antenna is 300 which is 25 dB; the path loss is 4 x 10 power of -19 or -184 dB. The gain of the receiving antenna is 3000 which is 35 dB; the loss of the cable in receiving systems is -4 dB; the low noice receiver gain of 3 billion is 95 dB. The beauty of dB is we can easily add / subtract the losses of gain which gives a received power of 3 dBm which is 2 mW. We can try the calculation on the amateur radio transmission system. See yaa again. Bye2.

Reference : Allan W. Scott, 1993, Understanding Microwave, John Wiley & Sons.

25 Mac 2010

Interpretation of Yeasu Serial Number

Actually, the Yeasu uses the same serial number scheme for all of their ham gear. The serial number has the form "YMLLNNN" where Y = the last digit of the year of manufacture, M = a letter representing the month of manufacture with "C" = January, "D" = February, and so on, the lot number is representated by the two digit LL (00 - 99), and NNNN (0001-9999) is the unit number within lot LL.

As an example on my Yeasu FT897, the picture of serial number above show 3C130790 means January 2003, lot 13, unit 790. The lot number is not linked to the year & month, i.e., LL do not reset to 00 each year. Have you ever check your Yeasu serial number ? :)

23 Mac 2010

PCB UV Board Construction

Today, i decided to make PCB board using UV (Ultra Violet) method for sharing the knowledge on the procedures & process of UV PCB construction. Here are some of pictures with brief explanation.

Step 1: Print a circuit on laminate paper

Step 2: Buy a Kinsten Coated PCB - GS1015 for single layer and the manual instruction inside the product.

Step 3: Attach a circuit together with Kinsten Coated PCB and expose it with light (photoresis) using UV machine around 90 to 120 second.

Step 4 : A picture of PCB after photoresis process. Remove a circuit from PCB and you can use again the same laminate for other PCB.

Step 5 : Quickly bath a circuit with water and developer then shake it until the unwanted layer remove from the PCB.

Figure A : Picture sample of developer. You can used other product you like.

Step 6 : After wash a PCB, bath the PCB with ferrite chloride & hot water then shake the PCB again until the second unwanted layer removed from the PCB.

Figure B : Picture sample of ferrite chloride product. Caution! You are deal with dangerous chemical (developer & ferrite chloride). Wash you hand after using it. Please use a glove if possible and dispose the chemical properly.

Step 7 : Lastly, brush your circuit and see the different. Now, you can cut any PCB size and drill the PCB for soldering purpose. That's all :)

21 Mac 2010

Add & Open UDP Port for EchoLink

Today at last, i am accomplish to figure out how to enable my UDP port for 5199 and 5198. Before this, i am try many method to enable my UDP port. This UDP port need to test pass for communicate on EchoLink. I has tried setting on my billion router, setting my windows XP firewall and setting my Anti Virus firewall; but those thing helpless.

The solution is on this page:

On the IP, please open your window command prompt and type "ipconfig" to check your IP address status. Hope, its can help some user that facing the same problem. See ya then. Astalavista.. Bye2