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23 Mac 2010

PCB UV Board Construction

Today, i decided to make PCB board using UV (Ultra Violet) method for sharing the knowledge on the procedures & process of UV PCB construction. Here are some of pictures with brief explanation.

Step 1: Print a circuit on laminate paper

Step 2: Buy a Kinsten Coated PCB - GS1015 for single layer and the manual instruction inside the product.

Step 3: Attach a circuit together with Kinsten Coated PCB and expose it with light (photoresis) using UV machine around 90 to 120 second.

Step 4 : A picture of PCB after photoresis process. Remove a circuit from PCB and you can use again the same laminate for other PCB.

Step 5 : Quickly bath a circuit with water and developer then shake it until the unwanted layer remove from the PCB.

Figure A : Picture sample of developer. You can used other product you like.

Step 6 : After wash a PCB, bath the PCB with ferrite chloride & hot water then shake the PCB again until the second unwanted layer removed from the PCB.

Figure B : Picture sample of ferrite chloride product. Caution! You are deal with dangerous chemical (developer & ferrite chloride). Wash you hand after using it. Please use a glove if possible and dispose the chemical properly.

Step 7 : Lastly, brush your circuit and see the different. Now, you can cut any PCB size and drill the PCB for soldering purpose. That's all :)

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