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2 Jun 2011

Comet CAT300 ATU Adjustment Information Towards Lowest SWR (less than 1.5) For VHF (50MHz) & HF Bands

Comet CAT 300 300 Watt Antenna Tuning Unit

Another great new model with smart illuminated cross needle display and even PEP/Average power reading.

  • Freq: 1.8 - 60 MHz
  • Power: 300W (SSB)
  • Antennas: 2 co-ax inputs
  • Impedance: 10 - 600 Ohm
  • Input Connector: SO239
  • Meter: SWR/Power
  • 30W/300W Average/PEP
  • Cross needle illuminated display panel
  • Size: 250 x 93 x 200 mm
  • Weight: 2.7kg

Read more:

*All the frequencies have been tested in amateur radio allocated band except on 27 MHz which is for Citizen Band.

**These frequencies; 12m, 17m and 30m are WARC band for CW and Digitals mode in IARU Region 3

*** The descriptive data figure above are observation with my antennas and Comet CAT300, all the information may be different with others. Hope it shall be a good reference to all readers.


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