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5 Okt 2010

K1OIK Tell About Ham Radio

One of this video i found from 9w2pju blog, nice video from youtube and describe the fact about ham radio itself. The are a lot of argument and debate happen since its was published in 2008. This is my first article regarding to behavior of amateur radio. Since i get my license on 2008, i experiences a lot of thing, the only reason i get my license in my early day to learn technical + scientific experimental and in a short journey of this great hobby i am also has seen some bad experiences, sometimes people fighting each other, cheating, neglect of family and religion because of a hobby, take advantage of the friend trust's, too many eyeball with nothing discussion and many thing. Recently, our local ham group has been approached by individuals who claim he is a doctor (also owned 2m transceiver) and keen to work together with our group and many things happen and unfortunately his secret is uncovered and he was not really a doctor. Then many questions arise and what turns out in this hobby sometimes we need to be careful in believing someone. There are also many good thing about ham radio if we look-up in positive manner. Anyway you can find all kind this video at youtube by search word burt2481.

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